Games of shapes and colors

Eclectic inspirations that bring us back to the elegance of 70s pop art. Electric blue or Tiffany green nabuck leather accompany rounded and soft shapes. Bold and distinctive colors characterize furnishing items that become iconic and an expression of art.Sinuous and innovative shapes have captured our attention and joined our aesthetic sense.

Dome Nomad is a new portable lamp that is easily picked up by a metal ring attached to the top of the glass dome, with one hand beneath the base, which houses the electronics and a magnetic charging connector. Dome Nomad can be placed on a table or floor. It is a design experience that adds a special charm both to gardens and terraces as well as to interior spaces.

Knot, a collection of stately pendent lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials, has now been expanded with a portable outdoor variant with up to six hours of battery power for easy changes in the lighting ambience in any part of the interior or exterior. The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent handblown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified.

Trottola is a new collection of suspension and table lights whose shape elicit memories of a popular childhood toy – the spinning top. The aesthetics of the design are carried on an enchanting luminance that passes through an opal diffusor and opaline or pearl grey glass to reveal a playful contrast of shadows and light. The LED source, visible only from above, is housed in a base clad in pressed aluminium, which in turn is finished in an attractive and durable black elox. Brightness can be adjusted with a simple turn of the elegant dimmer.